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Impulsiveness is Not Rushing | Life of a Photographer

December 30, 2015

This summer I took a little mini vacation with a close friend to a little cabin, on a lake, on an island outside Seattle. I just like the sound of that… a cabin on a lake on an island. Sounds so fancy. It’s really not. It’s cute, quaint, cozy and the most perfect getaway place. […]

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Kauai Christmas Vacation | Life of a Photographer

December 28, 2015

My first morning back in Kauai Meg & I were laying in bed together, the sun shining through the windows, the wind blowing the curtains in and sucking them back out again as we watched Westjet’s Christmas Miracle video for this year. They set out a goal to accomplish 12,000 acts of kindness in 24 […]

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Why Photograph Weddings? | Seattle Wedding Photographer

November 17, 2015

The last few months have been the beginning of what we call in the wedding industry…. booking season. And as the inquiries have come and the chats have began there is this question that has come up more than it has in years past. Why photograph weddings? You can do anything why do choose weddings? […]

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Acknowledging a Need for Change | Personal

November 13, 2015

They say the first step to fixing a problem is being able to address that there is a problem. Well…. check! And who is “they” anyway?! I hear it alot lately…. “It looks (or sounds) like you’ve been so busy! That’s so great!” Yep, it’s true. I’ve been real busy this year. But is it […]

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