Laurie and Ash | Glacier National Park

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Laurie and Ash are soooo much fun! They live in Washington where Ash is stationed in the Army and Laurie went there for work. They met, they fell in love, and the eloped! Laurie is from western Montana and Glacier is like a playground to her so they didn’t do photos when they eloped and decided to wait until they could do them in Glacier. And on their 3 month anniversary we all met up there for their photos!

Laurie recently had knee cap reconstruction surgery otherwise I’m pretty sure she would have had us way in the backcountry for photos. Actually no, I’m positive. We had this plan for months to take boats across 2 lakes and that would get us close to another lake back there instead of hiking the 3.5 miles each way to get there. In the week before the session we were planning timeline and boat times and I asked if she had been able to reserve any seats on the boats. To which she was like whaaaaa we need to do that?!?! Glacier is beautiful and it gets more and more visitors every year but this year is INSANE. I didn’t think we needed them either or I would have said something way sooner but I took the boats with another couple a week before and we had one person waitlisted, a couple in line in front of us had to wait 3 days to get tickets on a boat. It was crazy. She called and no luck so she sent some family up on the morning of cause they only reserve so many. No luck again. When I drove into Many Glacier I had NEVER EVER seen so many cars there before. Parked wayyyyy out on the main road.

Our plans were quickly rearranged on what we were going to do. Ya know sometimes at first it may feel like it’s all falling apart but maybe the way to look at it is that things are really falling into place. By the end Laurie said multiple times how glad she was this turned out this way. She didn’t think we’d see so many things or get such a variety almost entirely right by the hotel with the exception of one quick drive to a meadow. It turned out perfect and they were adorable!!

So excited to share these!! Congrats you two!!!!!