April 5, 2016

The Boudoir Special | Missoula MT Boudoir Photographer

The Boudoir Special | Missoula MT Boudoir Photographer

Missoula MT Boudoir Photos Black Lingerie Curtain and Window

Boudoir photos have been one of the top gifts for grooms for years now. They’re a hot item! 😉 My brides started asking if I’d do boudoir shoots for them as the market for boudoir photographers around here at the time was small. And no one was doing it in the way I believed was beautiful so I started doing them for my girls. And their friends. It’s not really a secret or anything. I just only take a limited number of sessions a year so I can continue to focus on my brides and give the proper attention to where it was needed. And I don’t share those shoots publicly on social media.

One way to efficiently give boudoir attention and not take away from my weddings was to offer boudoir marathons. Which I did for a years. Multiple sessions in one day, back to back. But I didn’t offer one at all last year. And I’ve been hearing about it!  So after a recent boudoir session this winter my girlfriend (that glams up these ladies) and I went for drinks. And after a few beverages the idea started swirling again as I’ve had brides asking for them. And well…. I said yes!

My heart lies with couples and weddings but there is something really magical that happens with a woman during a boudoir session. Seeing her become comfortable with herself, in her own skin. And by the end owning herself. It’s beautiful and incredibly empowering.

So we launched a new boudoir marathon!

May 15th – Missoula, MT – 3 spots left!

Everything a girl needs! Glammed up by my girl, Willow, multiple outfits, digital images and a few gift prints. Perfect for that guy in her life, or lady, we don’t judge. Or even if it’s just for herself… yourself.

Check out the boudoir website for all of the details and to grab one of the last slots.

And if not for you, share it with a friend. Or if you’re doing it, share it with a friend to come do it too!

Excited for a big fun-filled girls day!



Missoula MT Boudoir Photos Woman Laying on Bed in Black BraMissoula MT Boudoir Photogs Black & White Blurry Distant Missoula MT Boudoir Photos Woman Laying on Bed with Pink Lingerie and White FishnetsMissoula MT Boudoir Photos Black LingerieMissoula MT Boudoir Photos Laughin in Football JerseyMissoula MT Boudoir Photos Black and WhiteMissoula MT Boudoir Photos on Table by the Window with Black Lingerie

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