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I’ve always believed that inspiration is a collaboration. That we’re all better together and in the idea of community over competition. We’re all in this. Together. We are not alone. 

But along the way business and creativity can feel like an uphill battle. A passion you must pursue but feel like you’re not getting anywhere. You’re stuck. I’ve been there. 

You have ideas of things to create or simply make happen but don’t know how, where to start, what to do. I know. It’s happened to me too.

Or everything is really great. It’s going well. But it’s stagnant. Good but not really moving forward. And you need a push, a motivator. Yep, I get it. 

Throughout my career in business I’ve experienced all of these. I’ve had a business coach and photography and creative mentors I’ve always reached out to. Education has been the best investment and had the most value above anything else.

I feel so honored to have helped many photographers + creatives over the years and can’t wait to help you with the guidance out of a rut, the extra push to keep going, and talk through ‘how’ to make it happen. I have a couple different opportunities available depending on what what you need right now. Excited to chat and help you create magic! I am an open book, nothing is off limits. There are no secrets.

Skype Session

I offer 1.5 hour Skype or Facetime sessions where we can talk about anything you can even think of. We can go over business as a whole, finding clients, booking clients, connecting with your ideal client, workflow and systems, editing and post processing, marketing, social media, travel, the list is endless. These are custom catered to your current needs.

The session is $300 for the first hour. You can add on additional hours for $200 per hour. 

Following your session I will send over a recap guide of what we covered. Feel present in it and don’t worry about forgetting things! You’ll get a pdf summary of the whole thing!

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One on One Session

These are in person one on one learning opportunities lasting 5-6 hours where we can cover everything! We’ll sit down together the first few hours discussing business, and systems, all about clients, coorespondence, etc. Then we’ll do a shoot! Yes I’m putting a shoot together just for you. You can experience how I work with couples, my behind the scenes tricks, and get to try them yourself and work on any ideas you have to create! We’re definitely going to be hungry at this point ;) So food on me as we upload your images and work through post production workflow and editing using the gear and software you have! I’ll finish it up with a website and portfolio review!

These sessions are $800 and take place in Missoula, MT where I am based. If you are unable to come here hit me up I do travel often and may be able to make things work out at times! Limited One on One sessions available through the year!

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Come join me as I share more images of rad couples along with my own life adventures. There is alot of travel ;)