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Mesmerized by the way two people love each other, each so uniquely.  I always leave room for dessert. Believe swear words are just sentence embellishers. Think indulgences are necessary in this life. 

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Stories of two lovers making it all about them, as they should.

I’m so in love with the feel of the images from in-home sessions. You’re just so drawn in and can feel their love, comfort and emotion. I get so pumped when someone asks me to do one of these sessions and then the day of I kinda freak out! By kinda I mean have a mini breakdown. I get so nervous! But every time it all falls into place. It’s their most comfortable space they’re instantly at ease. We turn on 90’s music and the rest is history haha!

We had originally planned to start Ashley & Andy’s engagement session with a quick in-home session and then head out into the mountains back in October. But life played out different and we ran straight to the mountains and rain checked the in-home session. Finally this last weekend we got together in their home with their pup, Chloe and just goofed around for a little while. They cuddled on the couch, tackled each other in bed, snuggled their pup as the sun shined through the windows kissing everything. Andy plays piano and played for a while as Ashley wrapped around him. They’re both photographers and played with a new film camera Ashley recently got. Such sweet love, and you can feel it through the images without ever knowing them.

I’ve been playing with video a little and making short highlight love reels during sessions without couples even knowing haha. Video is such a different thing than photo but it’s so fun and seeing their love in photo is amazing but adding video with it is kinda magic. By no means any expert but so fun to be doing something more for couples! I made a short one for Ashley and Andy and added it to the end of the blog, so be sure to check it out!!!!

Can’t wait for these two to get married this fall! It’s gonna be AMAZING! Her dress you guys, just wait!