Ashley + Michael | Missoula MT Mountain Engagement

Missoula MT Rainy Fall Engagement
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Ashley + Michael came to town on a little roadtrip to check out their wedding venue and hang out in Missoula enjoying time with friends and hitting up the breweries. She really wanted to hike to a cool spot with wide open and mountain views. We had a bunch of ideas all around western Montana. We were kinda waiting on the weather to see what it was actually going to do and where we should drive off to.

The morning of she messaged me and was like yeah maybe we don’t need to go far and maybe not hike??? She sprained her ankle the night before in a funny little story and I told her I had just the spot that would do just fine right in town. Fingers crossed it didn’t rain on us. At one point it sprinkles and at another the sun actually peaked through the clouds!

I’m obsessed with these two! How cute are they, right?!?!? Ashleys smile is gold. It lights up the entire space she’s in and the way she looks at Michael is undeniable. They were nervous about photos and didn’t know what to think and turns out their just complete pros! And you’d never know the girl sprained her ankle the night before! She was making me nervous as she wandered through the fields and dancing in the light. But they were in their element, in their own moment. It couldn’t have been more perfect. They snuggled up on a blanket to rest her ankle and the sun peeked through for just a minute. Magic. It’s all around us friends. And just like that they crushed their engagement session and were off to another brewery haha. 

I cannot wait to photograph them at their wedding and see her smile like this all day!!!!

Xx, J