July 1, 2014

Christine + Justin | Billings Montana Anniversary Session

Christine + Justin | Billings Montana Anniversary Session


It’s funny, in Montana we’re used to driving lots to get anywhere. Every town is an hour apart, or more. So driving doesn’t bother us. But it’s a huge state. 4th largest in fact. People who live in Billings rarely come across the state to Missoula and those of us who live in Missoula rarely go to Billings. Christine messaged me and asked if by any chance that I MIGHT be in Billings this summer. They wanted an anniversary session there. They’re moving back to Missoula this summer, YAY. But their first year of marriage was spent in Billings, it only felt right to do a session there. I can’t really even believe it’s been a year since their wedding!

Lucky them. I was headed over for Amanda & Tyler’s wedding so the following morning I woke up and met up with these two for a quick session. They took me to a place I’d never been and came with a birthday gift for me. C’mon!!! What?! And it included Haribo gummy bears for my roadtrip home. My favorite!  These two are special.

Happy Anniversary you two!!!!  CHEERS to hundreds more anniversaries. Yeah, hundredssss 😉 And I’m so pumped you’re moving back!!! Love you!










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