Ginger and Paul | Glacier National Park

August 30, 2018


Ginger + Paul skipped down the stairs from the parking lot with the biggest grins on their faces so pumped for their engagement session. I knew they were going to be fun. We started in an open field with the sun setting behind the mountains and the music bumping through the windows of the car. Not even 1 minute into their session I told them to run towards each other and embrace. I like to just see how couples do this, their approach. Some just kinda speed walk in and kiss and others will run full on and smack into each other. No matter what happens we’re breaking ice here. Ginger ran into Paul’s arms, he picked up her swinging her around, and then they went down. Haha. I was dying. They laughed through it all and rolled on the ground kissing. I instantly fell in love with them.

The rest of their session went just like that. Running together. Making out in fields, on hills, on cliffs with water falling behind them. Hands all over each other. And soooooo much laughter. The biggest smiles from each of them. Just going with anything. It was so much fun! I’m so in love with these images cause they show them and their love for each other  just as it is.

Ginger + Paul, congratulations you babes! So excited for you guys and the next part of your lovestory!


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