Hannah + Connor | Yellowstone

November 23, 2019


Destination engagements. This is becoming a thing + I’m all here for it!  I have so many couples who choose to do their engagement photos on vacation. WHY NOT?!?! I mean it’s genius. You’ve invested in a new cool place to visit what better way to preserve it than photos and for your engagement are you kidding. And then everyone freaks out on your save the dates over the photos lol. 

Hannah and Connor were planning a trip to Yellowstone with their family when she did a little searching of the internet and reached out to me asking if I’d make my way to their vacation rental for their photos. Yes, yes + yes. I love my couples who come from areas without mountains cause they are just in crazy awe of what is around them. Sometimes I giggle and I’m like no that one is just a hill lol.  It makes it so fun.

Their rental was right on the river on the edge of Yellowstone with fields of gold. The wind just whipped through but they were unphased. It looked mostly like it was going to rain and then as we started shooting the sun came out and warmed us and all the colors up. We just turned on the music and they slipped right into cuddles and frolicking through the gold fields hand in hand. Haha.

So obsessed with these. I wanna photograph all the destination engagements all around the world lol. It’s just a level up of a good time + extreme happiness haha. So if you’re planning a Montana trip engaged or not let’s do this and preserve your vacation the best way or shit I’ll go with you wherever you wanna go we don’t have to come here 😉 Now check out how damn cute these two babes are!

Xx, J.

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