A little about me...

Oh Hey! I'm

My real name is Jacilyn, thus the Jacilyn M, but I mostly go by Jackie. If you call me Jacilyn, it’s cool, I’ll answer :) 

I believe that truly living is really full of ‘oh wells’ and not ‘what ifs’. My gut never lies, but I don’t always follow it the first time around. Good enough is never enough I think we can do more. I try not to overthink things and just go with how it feels, jump before I can find a way to talk myself out of it. I’m a crazy dog lady, except I don’t own a dog. I have no will power against sugar, unless it’s chocolate… not really a fan. I’m a single mom, with an awesome ex-husband (turns out we weren’t perfect for each other just perfect for our kid), and I’m in a long distance international relationship with the most incredible guy ever. Life turns out in weird ways. I don’t need to make sense of it all. Just loving it as it is. I think it’s actually absolutely perfect in it’s unexpectedness

This life is fragile and brief. When I was 12 years old my dad suddenly passed away. It was more than half my life ago. We remember him through photos and memories. I’m not old but even now the time has gone by that I don’t remember all of these memories. They begin to fade

But the images let him live on as his personality comes through in each. It’s like I can almost hear him laughing by just looking at an image of him. Or I can feel his embrace again. 

I carry this with me each time I pick up my camera to photograph you and yours truly. Someday, I hope very far from now, your memories will fade away of this time. What will remain are these photos of you. I don’t want to leave you with images you think are just beautiful. I want you to feel them. That when you reminisce and look at them you may not remember what happened, where you were, or what was said, but you’ll lose your breath for a split second as you can feel how that moment felt again. I’m not interested in creating images where every little piece of it is conducted. I just want to guide you in a way that gets you comfortable and lets you unfold so I can capture you, your love, your story, just as it is. All “flaws” included. That’s what actually makes you, this love, this story... perfect. 

Let’s do this. Let’s not hold back. Let’s let the magic out. And, preserve it for lifetimes to come. 


The beautiful human
life has gifted me with

The most incredible guy ever

My dad. you can feel his laugh, right?



Come join me as I share more images of rad couples along with my own life adventures. There is alot of travel ;)