I went to Target…..

December 4, 2013


So…. I went to Target. I went in to grab headphones, just headphones for my daughter.

Do you know what happens next? You simply can’t walk into Target for one thing. And the Target addict that I am should remember this more often. It doesn’t work that way. You walk in and are instantly hit with “Must-Buy-More Fairy Dust” It’s not heat blowing out hitting you in the face when you enter through the doors. It’s dust cursing you to buy more. Swear it.

Then in my wallet was a 20% off your entire purchase coupon.  Ya I started Christmas shopping. $200 later……


plus the headphones, plus tissue paper, plus wrapping, plus boxes…..


But it didn’t stop there. Shit, I’m on a Christmas shopping run right now might as well keep it going. Off to REI, Carters, on and on and on.

Finally I made it home. Just ate for the first time today. And now the real question…. wrap presents or work?






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