January 25, 2017

Photo Foundation Workshop | Missoula MT Photography Class

Photo Foundation Workshop | Missoula MT Photography Class

I have a huge heart for photography education. This fall and winter I spent quite a bit of time thinking about where and how I could educate more. How can I help people on their photography journey. And where in their journey do I want to help. There are just so many areas. But what I can do and really be of service.

One thing that really speaks to me is helping people take better photos, period. Those who may not even identify as photographers. The world travelers who want the images they take to really be exactly how they remember seeing each view. People who love photos and are thinking of photography as a serious hobby, or maybe even a career, but have no idea where to start. The mom’s (0r dad’s, not biased here) who have bought nicer cameras to take better daily life photos of their kids and family.

Camera’s at a glance seem very complicated and confusing. And people simply just don’t know where to start with them. Truthfully, they really can be extra complicated. These days they have sooooo many features and can do so many things. But you don’t need to know every feature of your camera to take beautiful images.

I’ve had several of my friend’s husbands come to me over the years asking what camera to buy as a gift for their wives but then as the years go by she doesn’t use it simply because she doesn’t know how to use it. It’s overwhelming!

I’ve decided it’s time to help you. The mom/dad. The new hobbyist. The traveler. The aspiring pro photographer. Anyone, really, who wants to just simply take better photos.

So I’m offering a 1 hours workshop on some photography foundations!!!!!

I’m so excited! February 15th in Missoula, MT from 6:30-7:30p I’ll be hosting a workshop to cover some basics of your camera, what you need, don’t need to pay attention to, photo tips, and some lighting education as photos are really all about lighting. A little secret, these tips will even help if you’re just taking photos with your phone!!!! Space is limited and seats are only $35 so grab a friend or come make new friends…. Or both 😉 and join us for some fun at the Photo Foundation Workshop!!!

Get your seat HERE!!

I can’t wait!! Any questions contact me above!!!! WHEW!





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