This event might be one of the most fun things I've ever put together! Months ago I sat in a coffee shop with a few new photographers telling me how they struggled to build a portfolio that attracted brides and grooms they wanted. And one of the specific missing things was sunset photos. The best images of the day, but they weren't being booked that late, to get images of a bride and groom during that time.

Not only will this help you build your portfolio BUT I'm going to talk + walk you through how I work with a couple from how + where I shoot to posing them and creating emotion. And how I can take a couple out at sunset for ONLY 10 MINUTES and get an incredible set of images varying in angle and lighting. And you'll have an opportunity yourself to pose them and shoot as much as you'd like! We're teaming up with THE BEST vendors!


"I just need you and some sunsets."


Wanting insight on how to pose clients and use natural light, or just build your portfolio?


What to expect

Sunshine or Not

My hope is that we have the most epic sunset ever. But we have no control over the weather, not even on wedding days so we're shooting either way and I'll show you how to control the light to your advantage, regardless of what mother nature throws your way!

Walk Through My Process

I'm going to share with you how I pose, where I position myself, how I use light, and even camera tips and tricks for easy post production!

Incredible Vendor Team

I'm so excited to bring on some other incredible vendors for this shoot. It's not a fully stylized with details, etc. But we'll have a "bride" with amazing hair and makeup and in a dress from Velvet Bride and a bouquet by Habitat Floral Studios, and a groom! I wanted this shoot to be focused on the couple, as they are your main subject ;) 

You Take Control!

I'm leaving time in this for you to pose and create as well rather than shooting over my shoulder the whole time! Test new techniques yourself!


When + where is this happening?!?! I have to be there!

june 4th | 7pm

missoula, montana

This even is going to happen whether the sun gives us a beautiful sunset or the clouds sock us in. We can't control the weather but I can show you how to control the lighting and your images regardless of what mother nature hands you!

can't wait! One full payment, please!

I'm in! The Payment plan is for me!

A one time payment of $100!

Two payments of $60!



Come join me as I share more images of rad couples along with my own life adventures. There is alot of travel ;)