July 20, 2017

Chelsey and Christina | Glacier Park Same Sex Wedding Photographer

Chelsey and Christina | Glacier Park Same Sex Wedding Photographer

I always say that it’s a true testament to a couple’s love, appreciation and characters to have guests at their wedding. Says even more about them when they all have to travel to your wedding. And in this case I think it might even say just a little bit more about Chelsey and Christina that they had 20 guests come all the way to literally MIDDLE OF NOWHERE Montana, no cell service, maybe the hotels internet works sometimes, totally disconnected. Then to get to their ceremony they dressed up and crossed a lake on a small boat and hiked over to another lake just to witness these two promise forever to each other. It was worth it and so beautiful but Christina and Chelsey you are so very loved!

Christina had been to Glacier before and fell in love with it but not up to Many Glacier area and Chelsey had never been before. But this was the place for them. They pulled into the campground with their AMAZING airstream, THAT THEY LIVE IN!!!! Spent a couple nights in the hotel getting ready there and hiked the area with their friends and family. This was not just a wedding ceremony to attend it was a weekend adventure in the great outdoors.

I adore these two. They had such beautiful promises to each other on the shore of Josephine Lake as Chelsey’s mom officiated. They danced there in the rocks. Popped as many bottles of champagne as they could. Every available hand carrying on and letting them chill in the lake water during the ceremony. And then the wandered the trails with me. At one point Chelsey got a break and Christina gave her a piggy back. It was just so much fun and words can’t describe how beautiful it was! So honored to have been asked to come and capture it to remember for lifetimes! CONGRATS you two!!!!





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