Layne and Mike | Montana Lake

July 20, 2018


Last summer I cruised up to Eureka to Layne’s family cabin on the lake to photograph her and Mike for their engagements exactly one year before their wedding and holy crap the year went by so fast. The whole way up for the wedding I tried to explain to Amanda the lake house and the property and how they were going to do all of it on the lawn but even I wasn’t sure exactly how it’d work really and I was blown away. It was perfect!

Ever since Layne was little she dreamed of getting married at the lake. That was going to be the place and man it was amazing. A small village brought it all together, everyone cooking, neighbors cleaning up and moving their boats around, getting married in everyone’s house, etc. So awesome.

Mike waited on the dock for their first look as Layne walked down the lawn with her parents. It was so sweet that they walked her down and sent her off to see her man. There were soooo many tears during this wedding. So much love and joy all their bodies literally couldn’t contain it. All day. First look, ceremony, speeches, so much joy. So beautiful.

They shared personal vows about turkey meatballs and the promises to forever under the trees at the beach edge with all of their friends and family. Ended their ceremony with a celebratory toast with everyone. Escaped on the boat with just their bridal party to pause for a moment and soak it all in before starting the night. They danced under the trees with lights strung from them. Drank wine right from the boxes hung on all the trees. And embraced during the last light out on the boat as the mountains lit up by the sun that was hidden in clouds all day.



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