August 20, 2018

Sarah and Tom | Many Glacier MT Elopement Photographer

Sarah and Tom | Many Glacier MT Elopement Photographer

Meeting couples for the first time on their wedding day in Glacier is a funny thing at times. There are areas in the park that we can meet up, no problem. But Many Glacier is a special place in itself. Whether couples have been there, or found it and chose it, or they talked to me and it’s my fave area… somehow we end up in that area of Glacier National Park a lot. But about 20 minutes before you get there you turn off the two lane highway and lose all cell service. And unless you stay at the hotel you don’t have access to wifi, but even then the wifi rarely works. So I’m always trying to come up with the easiest way to meet with couples the old fashioned way before we could just text I’m here where are you in a foreign place laid out a little odd.

Sarah and Tom had planned a trip to Glacier and through planning their trip thought hey why don’t we just elope there?! It’ll be awesome! A few friends came along to cheer them on and help them get ready. But this was a new place. And, even though they were eloping they kind of wanted to set it up so they didn’t see each other until their ceremony. I explained where to send Sarah to get dressed and where Tom could go to never see her and somehow I’d find them. It’s glorious how it works haha. Amanda and I arrived early hanging out a little and then made our way down a hallway to the area I told Sarah to get ready in and there she was right in place walking down the hall. We started yelling at each other and huggin and instantly discussing the weather and construction as if we’d known each other for ever. I then walked the opposite way to find Tom and as I found him I yelled his name and paused for a second thinking what if that wasn’t him and you yelled at him?!?! But it was him, good guess 😉

We staggered our departures from the hotel to a cliff over a waterfall where Sarah walked up to meet him and there they shared their vows and promises of forever with their sweet friends looking on. Bubbly was popped and the caddisflies swarmed us but they found a way to laugh through it and celebrate covered in bugs. I hope they do that with everything, forever. The sun peaked at times but mostly the clouds kept it cool and they joked around with each other, played around, laughed through it all and it was such a beautiful start to their next chapter.

Sarah + Tom thank you for all of your antics 😉 We love you!






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