Sunrise engagement photos in the mountains of Montana

Sunrise Engagement Photos in the Rockies

July 20, 2021


Not going to lie to you, sunrise engagement photos are not always high on my list. I am not much of a morning person. But on special occasions, when the smoky weather + crazy whimsical lighting calls for it, I will schedule a sunrise shoot. East Glacier turned into a magical fairytale land that morning for Lizzy + Alex, so in the end, that way too early alarm was worth it. 

As I downed my coffee, Lizzy + Alex hopped into my car, and off we went! They were immediately chatty + fun which impressed me at that time of the morning haha. Lizzy did warn me beforehand that they would show up with double Scorpio energy!!! Their big energy matched their big personalities and I loved every second of it. They filled me in on their lives. How they met in college after Alex helped Lizzy off of the ground after busting it on some ice, how their favorite thing to do together is going on vacation (me too) + how they were dreaming up an outdoorsy wedding in Montana. I knew I was going to love this session with these two! 

I didn’t know, however, just how obsessed I’d be with their sunrise engagement photos. We started off on the east side of Glacier National Park. They played around in the open fields as the clouds ever so perfectly filtered the morning sunlight. It was glowy + freakin’ magical. After we headed back across the park for more big mountain views, stopping at waterfalls + rivers along the way. 

These two lovers made photos at sunrise a five-star experience. A truly difficult thing to do for a non-morning person like me. If their shoot was this fun, can you imagine their wedding day?! It’s going to be a damn good time, I’m sure of it!!

Xx, J

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