The experience

My truth

I create images that make you feel something. That 

sweet nostalgia, look how in love we are type of shit.

And I've never felt moved by a perfectly posed snapshot. Actually, I think those photos are pretty freakin’ stiff and boring

And, boring just isn’t for me. I’d take messy hair, veil in the wind with dirt on your train + bare foot over a staged fanning of the dress every time. 

If classic, traditional, and posed wedding photos are what you are looking for, you should definitely have that. 

I'm just not your girl.

But if you’re ready to embrace all of the moments -- the beautiful, the imperfect, the unplanned -- I’m here to preserve your story.

your truth

You’ll be so comfortable in moments that you’ll forget I’m even photographing you. Like old friends, we’ll be laughing so hard, wiping away tears, creating inside (dirty) jokes. You’ll wonder in the end if we even got any photos because we’ll be having too much fun. 

We are friends. I just happen to also be your photographer. That’s how I want you to see it. That’s how I want you to feel. It’s the only way to create those heart pounding, magical images. Real connection. And a whole lotta trust. 

This isn’t a business transaction. I’m not just another check on your list. You’re not just another name on my calendar. 

It’s about you two, this love, your story. 

So think of me as your newest friend. Your third wheel. Bestie forever. Photographer, yes, But also so much more. 

+ That loud-mouthed friend who’s constantly reminding you how smokin’ hot you are. 

+ Your stress ball to squeeze + the reminder to breathe when something goes awry, again. 

+ A scapegoat when you need out of that crazy wedding situation. Put the blame on me. 

+ I’ll wipe your happy tears and hug you back when you realize this is all real.

+ Your bartender pouring one out so we can toast to fuckin’ forever.

+ Your wedding expert here to help walk + talk you through it all + what actually matters most. 

This is about so much more than photos.

Of course the photos matter. They’re what’s left years later when the memories have faded + blurred.

But you two, this marriage, this love. It’s everything. 

What matters to you, matters to me. Tell me everything.
Forget what other people have said you should do. 
What’s important to you everyday + especially on your wedding day? Let’s do more of that!  
We’ll prepare the day, how it flows + how it’s photographed based on that.

You two, this love story, doesn’t need to be photographed the same way as everyone else’s. 
It’s YOUR day.