Are you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted burnt out, barely getting by or way behind?

The Burnout Recovery Mini Course is here to help you bounce back, step out of overwhelm with ease and efficiency (all while protecting your sanity). Created specifically for busy photographers + videograpghers in the midst of chaos. These 7 actionable tips (and bonus material) help you breathe life into your business + personal time, reassess your tasks, make an actionable plan to start scratching them off of your neverending to-do list, and eliminate stress.

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You just need 30 minutes a day
and a willingness to try new ways
(because let’s be real, something’s gotta change.) 

The fun and excitement of a booked season has worn off and what's left is exhaustion, a bunch of unfinished galleries, no time, looming deadlines, little sleep, personal life has gone POOF, and a to-do list miles long.

If that is how you’re feeling right now,
it’s time to make a change. 

Take a breath, re-evaluate, gain new skills and make a game plan that gets you back into a creative flow and doing what you do best with ease.
I’m here to help!

Created for photographers + videographers facing burnout by a photographer who has been to burnout town + back (a time or two).

After more than a decade of balancing life as a creative business owner, I have experienced many “what the f*ck am I doing?” moments. I’ve worked myself into burnout after overbooking my schedule, not creating effective systems, agonizing over impending deadlines, and taking about one million stress naps to attempt to combat my overwhelm (spoiler alert: those only work for a little bit, the work is still there when you wake up).

Overtime (and so much trial + error), I’ve developed skills that allow me to recover from burnout without affecting the quality of my work or my relationship with my clients or family + friends. And with this course, I can share the same process I’ve used over recent years to keep my business afloat (and my sanity) even in the most hectic seasons. 

here to tell ya

It's not just a course - it's a mini course

You won't...


- Need to devote hours and hours to get through the steps.

- Waste time feeling unsure about what to do or say next in order to keep moving forward.

- Need to wait for when you have time or let it collect dust in your course graveyard.

- You need 30 MINUTES per step to absorb + implement the info.

- Just grab the templates included and start using them in your own business immediately.

- It’s been designed to complete in 4-7 days to minimize overwhelm + optimize action.

- You need 30 MINUTES per step to absorb + implement the info.

- Just grab the templates included and start using them in your own business immediately.

- It’s been designed to complete in 4-7 days to minimize overwhelm + optimize action.

Is The Burnout Recovery Mini Course for you?

The causes of burnout look different for everyone, but the effects are no joke. They can leave you feeling exhausted, unfulfilled, down right drained, stealing the soul from your business and even your personal life, maybe even more. The mini course is a game changer if you’re: 

A wedding and elopement photographer or videographer

Behind or just squeezing by on culling, editing, or delivering galleries that have piled up from the busy season

Struggling with inspiration and creativity because of overwhelming business to-dos 

No time off to get rejuvenated or lack of personal time all together

Feeling like you’ve lost a sense of control in your business and your to-do list feels unmanageable

It’s easy to want to ignore the signs + symptoms of burnout, but facing them head on?
It’s empowering (and productive) as hell.

the burnout recovery mini course

The 7-step course created to relieve the stress and overwhelm in your photography business (seeping into your personal life) by giving you the tools you need to step back, reassess, and move forward in a way that accomplishes everything you need to do + feeds your creative flow rather than piling on the pressure. 

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just for you....

7 steps to get you through

STEP 01: Take a breath

Start it off with a deep breath bb. Set up your business + personal life for recovery mode to give you space to face burnout head on while still keeping your biz cruisin. 

STEP 02: Acquire Time

There's one thing in business that can easily stress you out or if it doesn't it might be a distraction from the work that needs done. We're gonna address it + give you some more time to tackle what you need to .

STEP 03: Prioritizing

With what feels like one million to-do’s on your plate and limited energy to get them done, we’ll sift through the every task of running your successful business and sort out what’s actually important right now. 

STEP 04: New Expectations

As an entrepreneur, it’s all about learning from your mistakes and adjusting as you grow. In this vital step, you’ll reset the current expectations you’ve set + how to move forward.

STEP 5: Calendar Control

Regain control of your calendar and set it up for success with organizational systems that save brain space, keep your new expectations in check and avoid overwhelm. 

STEP 06: Try a New Way

It’s normal to get down a routine and stick to it. Chances are you’re burnout because your systems weren’t created for the volume you’re actually working with now. This step encourages you to rethink your processes and embrace little changes that can make big differences in production + efficiency. 

STEP 07: Awareness

Let's get to the root of your burnout. There’s no right way to run your business, just the right + best way for you. This step is all about exploring what that might look like. And determining what it really is that’s draining your life force. 

BONUS ROUND: Avoiding Future Burnout for You

As your busy season slows, it’s time to dive into processes that can help prevent recurring burnout. Embrace the world of boundaries, workflows, systems, and automations that help keep your business running while you’re off doing what you do best – serving your people with an incredible service + art. 

a taste of what's inside the course

Bouncing back from burnout doesn’t have to feel daunting af. Here’s how -

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When you enroll, you get immediate access to all seven steps including videos, templates, and more! 

In just a week's time, you’ll create a sense of ease and control when it comes to communicating with clients and checking everything off your task list.

Walk away knowing you’ve got new skills and the organization to get shit done. Plus technique to avoid future burnout! 

let's go!

Seven easy steps that lead to one big transformation. 

9 Video Walkthroughs
3 Pre-written emails

Not only in your work, but your mindset, perspective, and energy as well. All for the amount of a week’s worth of pumpkin spice lattes. You’ll get:

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Q: Is this only for photographers? 
A: The course does have examples specific to photographers + videographers but truly these tips can be used for anyone either in business or just in your personal life. They're so versatile.

Q: Is this helpful if I'm not behind on work or not burned out but close? 
A: Yessss! This is truly a set of skills that will help you out of the overwhelm of burnout but ALSO can help you avoid going over the edge!

Q:How does this actually help me get out of burnout
A: Instead of continuing in burnout until your slow season, letting that snowball, meaning you will need more time to recover you're getting actionable tasks to manage the chaos + overwhelm right now. Not allowing it to snowball and bringing back joy, energy, time into your life + business.

Q: How long do I have access to the course? 
A: FOREVER! Once you buy it it's yours forever bb.

Q: How long will it take me to complete the course?
A: I initially envisioned this as a one step per day course but there is opportunity for you to do a couple lessons per day if you'd like. It should only take 4-7 days to complete. Then you can rinse + repeat as much as you'd like. 

Q: What if I feel I need more support than just this course?
A: I am here for you! Let's hop on a coaching call and start to dissect your situation. We're all individuals and I'm happy to work with you through your specific needs!

Say hell no to overwhelm
and overworking.

Because you deserve to actually enjoy turning your talent and passion into a fully booked business.  

The Burnout Recovery Mini Course is here to help.

Out with the manual, tedious processes. 
In with the repeatable, efficient systems. 

That’s what is possible with
The Automation Course.

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