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The Automation Course is an online resource for busy wedding + elopement photographers or videographer -  teaching you how to use workflows + automations to save you time, maximize your efficiency + upgrade your client experience.

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templates for workflows, questionnaires + emails included!

Easy to follow video trainings + screenshare walkthroughs

An optimized, efficient + automated workflow + client experience for your business.

I'm here to tell you

there's a better way!

are you...

what if you...

- Spending hours writing every client email from scratch?

- Forgetting to send forms, follow ups, or check-ins?

- Making to-do lists in your calendar on who needs what + when?

- Scrambling to collect all of your client information to prep for shoot day?

- Create customizable canned emails to save time + headspace.

- Use a CRM to schedule these + put them on autopilot.

- Include important tasks in your workflow to get notified when they need done.

- Allow your client portal to organize important forms + documents for safe keeping

If you found yourself thinking 'shit this is me!!' - don't worry, I've been there too. But once I leaned into the power of workflows + automation everything changed.

The automation course

This self-paced course is packed with all the tools you need to take your photography business from busy-and-behind-on-admin to automated and organized. Grab my exact templates, get step-by-step instructions, and finally set up a system that supports you and your clients as you grow. 

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introducing to you...

Currently $50 off + free 1 hour mentoring session

The creator of 
the automation course

Hiiii! I'm Jackie. A photographer, educator + the  creator of this course.

13 years ago with little idea about what the hell I was actually doing, I picked up a camera + thought 'Hey I can do this!' Thanks to my outlandish optimism + A LOT of trial + error, I'm now a successful, six-figure photographer doing what I love daily.

But I'm also a single mum to 2 teenagers, a dog mom, long distance girlfriend, friend/sister, avid traveler... so you get it, I'm pretty freakin' busy. And if I had to guess, I bet you are too.

When life + business get busy, it's easy to forget to send a follow-up to a new inquiry, or send out questionnaires. We've alllll been there.

What if you could upgrade your client experience without being chained to your computer or phone? Create simple + easy-to-use systems that give clarity + confidence in your processes?

Enter my trusted sidekicks - workflows + automations.

I'm sharing everything I've learned over the last decade so you can skip the trial + error and go straight to streamlined + efficient.

6 fluff-free modules

MODULE 01: Why the hell should I automate?

Deep dive into the power of automations, understand its capabilities, and learn how CRMs like HoneyBook will revolutionize your client experience and biz organization. 

MODULE 02: Preparing your Workflow Layout

Complete a workflow brain dump exercise, start prepping your forms + documents, and step behind the scenes of my HoneyBook to see workflows in action. I'm also handing over my workflows for weddings, elopements + portraits I use every day!

MODULE 03: Creating your Templates

Learn step-by-step how to insert your packages, contracts, proposals, emails + questionnaires into the backend of HoneyBook in order to insert them later into your automated workflow. Also you have access to all of my templates for emails + questionnaires!

MODULE 04: Optimizing your Contact Form

Create a fully optimized contact form that sets you up for success by asking the right questions, nurturing your leads from the get-go + triggering correct workflows into action immediately + automatically.

MODULE 5: Setting up your fully automated Workflow

Build out complete workflows for wedding, elopements and/or portraits using all the forms documents you collected. Fully automate where possible, create task lists to keep you on track + feel confident in your client experience.

MODULE 06: Walkthrough my backend

We do a full walkthrough how I use HoneyBook and flow through it + client workflows from the moment a client inquires through booking, planning, shoot, post production +  completing their full project. 



Kate L

It was a life saver!!! But the real proof was at the end of the season when I am usually run down and beyond exhausted. I kept saying throughout the season, I feel like this year was especially low key. But it wasn’t. I had more business than ever... I felt good because there were so many things being taken care of behind the scenes that I no longer had to worry about. A total game changer...This course breaks it down into manageable pieces and lays it all out. No guessing and no wondering. Trust me, I tried to do it myself before I purchased it. It was the best money I spent!!!  no longer stressed out exhausted photographer!!!

you've got bonuses

Even if you're brand new to using a CRM or haven't been using it to its fullest potential - you'll be set up for success.

pic-time print shop conversions

honeybook clean up

New to HB? No problem! This bonus video will walk you through exactly how to use + customize your CRM. Plus a discount code to save you $$ on your subscription. 

This bonus vid is for my pals who have been using HB, but never to its full potential. Weed out what you don't need to make room for your new + improved business backend

honeybook set-up

Automating your gallery software too! During this vid I walk you through setting up Pic-Time and automations to use on every gallery to convert thousands of dollars every year in print sales... automatically!!!

the automation course

wondering whether

is for you?

Lets cut to the chase - if you're not automating workflows + systems in your business to the fullest capacity, as in its automatically sending emails, forms + creating your to-do list + literally working FOR you - you need this course. The investment is a no-brainer if you're:

A wedding and elopement photographer or videographer

New to using a CRM like Honeybook OR have a CRM, but haven’t optimized it to work for you

Considering hiring a VA for admin work like emails and client management

Wanting to book more weddings/elopements, but need more time in the day
Building a better client experience in order to raise your prices, gain glowing testimonials, and book out your calendar 

This is more than an educational resource – 
it's An                                  

This is more than an educational resource - it's An                              

entire damn toolbox!

This self-paced course gives you everything you need to understand the power of automations and optimize your own workflows right away.
No guesswork needed because you’ll get: 

20 video lessons

6 Hrs of Screenshare Walkthroughs 

3 Complete Workflow Templates

23 Canned Email Templates

4 Client Questionnaires

BONUS: Honeybook Discount

Come hang for hours of information-packed chats about how to use automations to organize, optimize, and grow the hell out of your business!

You won’t ever stress about implementing what you learn because I’ll walk you through step-by-step - with screensharing of my own Honeybook backend. 

You get my exact 20+ step workflows for weddings, elopements, and portrait sessions. Snagged right from my biz and customized for yours! 

Never write an email from scratch again! Save hours by taking these templates + customizing them for your workflows. Inquiry responses, magic follow up emails, + more! 

From the Get to Know You questionnaire to group photo prep – these forms will allow you to connect with you couple, get the information you need, and feel confident walking into every shoot! 

If you’ve been holding off on investing in a CRM because they feel time consuming or overwhelming, pair this course with a discount! 
It’s worth it bb! 

A one-time investment for a system that will serve you over and over and over again. 

6 Modules of Video Education + Walkthroughs
3 Workflow Templates
23 Pre-written emails
My exact client questionnaires
*Bonus Honeybook Setup Video
*Bonus Honeybook Clean up Video
*Bonus Pic-Time Automation Video

And the best part? Nurture just one lead to your lowest photography packages and you’ll have made your money back. You’ll get:

Thru New years Day - $50 off + Free 1 hour mentoring session

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When you enroll, you get immediate access to all modules, videos, and templates! Binge it or take your time, it’s up to you!

Guided by the trainings, you’ll start collecting what you need and setting up your workflows + automations! 

Start putting your seamless workflow to good use, watch your business transform as you save time + energy while serving your clients better than before! 

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Right now - $50 off + Free 1 hour mentoring session

by the end of this course, you'll have...

Fully optimized workflows for each of your packages from inquiry to testimonial request 

A virtual assistant CRM that is working hard for you 

A seamless and attentive client-facing process that stirs up rave reviews

An organized back-end for efficiency and ease in your day-to-day project management 

A hell of a lot more time + energy to put back into your business! 


Q: I’ve never used a CRM or automated anything. Is this still for me? 
A: Heck ya it is. In fact its going to blow your mind what your business can do! It's the best way start with a totally clean slate actually!

Q: I have a CRM in place, will this help me? 
A: ONE HUNDRED percent! You already understand the CRM biz or where things should be, could be, can be and you'll fly through this course and I'm sure there are things you've never known to exist or how to do them. 

Q: Is this only for Honeybook users? 
A: No it's not. It is HoneyBook heavy especially in screen sharing but all CRM systems have these things in play. Throughout the course I also share where these thing can be done in Dubsado so it's applicable to most. But honestly the templates alone are worth it!

Q: How long do I have access to the course? 
A: FOREVER! It's yours forever bb.

Q: Will my clients notice my process is automated? 
A: If done properly they won't know. Just because you see it over and over keep in mind it's the first time your client is experiencing it. 

Q: What will I do with all of the time and headspace saved everyday?!? 
A: The world’s your oyster baby! Sleep in, take that vacay, book more projects, improve your skills, do something you love, go post on that IG you’ve been neglecting (oh…just me?) Future you will thank current you for putting in the work. 

One simple solution to completely transform the way you work.

Out with the manual, tedious processes. 
In with the repeatable, efficient systems. 

That’s what is possible with The Automation Course.

Out with the manual, tedious processes. 
In with the repeatable, efficient systems. 

That’s what is possible with
The Automation Course.

join now bb!