Adventurous Couples Photoshoot Ideas: East Glacier National Park

couple in wildflower field in mountains of glacier national park
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Normally not one to blog a bunch of couples photoshoot ideas, but this post-wedding portrait session in Glacier National Park has too many sweet moments not to share! The day spent with Ashley + James was everything I love about adventure sessions – laid back, full of exploring, and freaking FUN!  

First a little backstory about how these babes ended up in East Glacier for a couples shoot. I was actually supposed to photograph their wedding! Last year!  But the ‘Vid did what it does and got Ashley right before her wedding. So they did what they had to do and canceled. Flash forward a year and they finally made it out to Montana, after having a sweet wedding in Vermont. 

When planning couples photoshoot ideas, I always encourage my clients to plan an experience around their day. Don’t just show up to take photos! Bring along a picnic. A deck of cards. Some adult beverages. Maybe plan a quick hike or swim or paddle board. The goal? To capture you and your love while actually doing something you love. It’ll make your day way more memorable and takes the stress off of feeling comfortable in front of the camera! 

So when Ashley + James showed up with road beers (don’t worry, I was driving haha) and a plan to just explore, hike, and take dip somewhere in the Two Medicine Valley, I was stoked! They were up for anything and I knew it was about to be a damn good time. 

The wildflowers were finally in full bloom and Glacier was looking *whewwww* so stunning! It was a little cloudy, but we headed up to an overlook anyway. Then we hopped down to a trail headed for a waterfall, hung out in the flowers a bit, stopped for a much needed beer break, and found ourselves eventually on the shores of Pray Lake

And then…the water started to look a little too enticing. Was it freezing cold? Yes. Did they bring anything to swim in? Sure did not. Did they go in anyway? Of course they did! And it was pretty magical. 

My couples are the coolest I swear. Ashley + James were no expectation. I might not have been able to photograph their wedding, but that didn’t make their couples photoshoot in East Glacier any less special. They were just two kids in a big, beautiful place just doing what they do best – lovin’ on each other! 
So if you came here looking for idea, scroll through this sweet and adventurous gallery. Honestly I can’t get enough of these two! And if you’re ready to plan a shoot of your own, let’s dooooo it! Browse the blog for more couples photoshoot ideas and then head to my contact page and tell me what you are envisioning! We’ll make it happen.