Mountain Engagement Photos in Montana

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Wanna know the great thing about Montana mountain engagement photos? You’ll come for the mountains, but you always get so much more. Hidden lakes, rocky shorelines, trails in lush forests – they’re all waiting for you when you go exploring in a mountain range. Madisen + David knew the magic of the mountains all too well, after taking one trip to visit Montana they fell in love with the wild beauty of it all. Flash forward a few years and they were planning a trip back, but this time scouting for a place they might call home! 

So while their trip wasn’t just to get some mountain engagement photos, the session made it all the more special as they explored these new areas. I’m a sucker for all things sentimental, so commemorating their search for a potential new place to call home puts me in my feelers. Madisen + David are from a small town in New York and were driving in and out of small towns all over Montana, checking the vibes and views. As a Montana local, I had to show them around some of my favorite spots for beautiful views away from the hustle and bustle of the summer time crowds. We talked about what they wanted and I sent them over some galleries of photoshoots I’d done in different spots with mountain views (including this stunner engagement shoot). We landed on a special little spot outside of Missoula. 

This location, of course, has everything you’d want to find when itching for a little adventure in the mountains. Though the lake is too full in the summer for much of a beach, the huge boulders jutting out of its water provide perfect perches to cuddle your lover + soak in the view. And they sure did! Then we skipped over to a trail in the trees before cruising around the shore for a different view. All the while we made hilarious inappropriate jokes and cracked up at Bill (my assistant aka my Frenchie) when he got a crazy case of the zoomies through nasty fishy mud. The coolest part? We didn’t have to hike hours into the backcountry to get pretty scenes + privacy! We were just a short walk from the car. 

I think Madisen + David are going to like their new home in Montana, wherever they choose. No doubt about it, most people do (*cough* Justin Timberlake + Jessica Biel *cough*) And now they have some mountain engagement photos to remember their find-a-new-home roadtrip.