Haylee + Sam | Many Glacier National Park

January 6, 2020


Haylee grew up just outside Glacier National Park and spent much of her life going into the park and exploring. She’s especially fond of Many Glacier. That area is just UNREAL views. She went off to Wyoming for college and there she met Sam. The rest is pretty much history. They’ve moved to his hometown in Washington so whenever she gets to come home she’s dying to get back into the park and explore. So there was nowhere else on the planet she wanted wedding photos.

They planned a small wedding with their family members at the local church and dinner with the fam. Not a big celebration, more on the informal side but she needed to have wedding photos still. So a couple days before their ceremony I met up with them in Many Glacier at sunset so we could have all the time and freedom to shoot magic.

These are easily some of my favorite photos to date. And honestly so many are just unintentional beautiful accidents! I was so in the zone and low key FREAKING OUT I was just shooting like crazy and not even paying attention to lighting and settings. Just so lost in the moment. When I went through the photos on my computer I just kept asking myself what on earth were you doing?!??! But this is AMAZING!!!!

I think sometimes as creatives we can get in our own way with our creative ideas. This we want to achieve and our focus is so narrowed in on that. Not intentionally we just know what we want to happen and we’re gonna get there. But if we can loosen up a little and enjoy the ride as we create that vision ohmygosh there is SO much magic in that. Since Haylee + Sam this has been a goal at each shoot, to remind myself it’s cool to be in the zone but don’t let the zone block your peripheral views 😉

So cheers to these two and living in the moment of my full blown hyperventilation of a shoot lol!

Xx, J.

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