Mystical Glacier National Park Elopement

Adventurous Glacier National Park with a mystical vibe as the valley filled with smoke
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I swear you never know what you’re going to get in Montana. She’s always got a surprise for you. At times Montana can have a rough wildfire season but this summer we didn’t. Instead all of the smoke from the awful fires in Oregon + California made its way into the Rocky Mountains in Montana and settled into the valleys. The slightest breeze or mist of rain can clear a valley. The day before things were a little hazy but when we stepped into Glacier National Park on this day for Amanda + Tazin’s wedding it was like another world.

Fortunately these two had already been in the park hiking and had seen the views. For many couples their first day in the park is their wedding day and that day there wasn’t much to see in the distance. However from a photography standpoint I kinda loved it!! Granted I see the park all the time but it was fun to get creative and use the area and spaces differently. The smoke so thick the sun barely came through. It sifted through the trees and laid over the lakes like fog. And another bonus, not many people ventured into the park in it and it was like this big vast land that we couldn’t even fully comprehend was all ours.

Tazin wore the traditional Indian attire, both of them swapping out hiking boots and chacos and we walked the trails. Before we drove in we stopped for a snack and Tazin grabbed a couple beers so we made our way down to a little waterfall as they sat by the creek, chatting, letting the day soak in and cheersing those two gas station beers.

A day of no expectations turned out so beautiful and amazing and really only added to the story or their day and the next chapter.  We don’t need the perfect weather for the perfect day 😉