September 8, 2017

Ashley and Nathan | Glacier Park MT Elopement Photographer

Ashley and Nathan | Glacier Park MT Elopement Photographer

A southern belle and the ultimate gentleman. Ashley and Nathan are some of the most kind hearted people. Ashley messaged me about photographing her and Nathan’s elopement in Glacier Park and asked for recommendations on where to which I said well do you want to go on an adventure?! This girl was in. Cover as much of the park as we could in half a day and she’d go anywhere. Then she broke her foot!!!! She should have actually been in a boot on their wedding day but she pushed through and when necessary Nathan CARRIED HER!! Literally carried her down rocky paths to get to a waterfall!! I told you he was a gentleman!

Amanda helped Ashley get into her stunning dress in the park bathroom. Seriously fit her PERFECTLY and soooo pretty in the light all day. Nathan and I took a walk along the trail to find this quite spot with the sun peaking through to meet Ashley for their first look. She looked like an angel all freakin day! They had this short private ceremony on the rocks above St Mary’s Lake. The smoke from the recent fire filling the valley giving them this dreamy sky. Getting all teary eyed saying their vows to each other. Nathan held her hand everywhere they went, unless he was carrying her haha. Through the forest trails, down rocky paths, through a field, up onto rocks, down to waterfalls and out on a dock. Always whispering in her ear and then the biggest smile would stretch across her face! They’re absolutely soulmates! It was so beautiful!

Ashley and Nathan! CONGRATS you two!!!! Thank you thank you for including me and my team on your big day. It was really something special! You two are gems!!!!





You can see the Sprague fire burning off on the right here that was pouring smoke into the valley where they had their ceremony. Unfortunately now this fire has blown up, destroying a historical backcountry chalet, and pouring smoke into this valley where you can’t see the mountains at all and closing down half of the park. So send us some good thoughts! Fire season this year is brutal and extra long!

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