Kaitlin + Steve | Brandywine Manor House

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These two will forever be imprinted on my heart. I first met Kaitlin + Steve when they came to Montana to visit Glacier National Park. They had recently gotten engaged and decided they should do engagement photos in a new cool place. Found me on the good ol’ instagram and asked if I’d be up for a last minute engagement shoot. YUP!

Picked them up shortly after they flew in and we raced up to the pass to shoot photos in a killer location. It was the best time. They’d already booked a wedding photographer and honestly I was bummed. 

Months went by as we commented back and forth on instagram on all kinds of things. And then one day an email came in from Kaitlin saying she just couldn’t do it. She needed to have me at their wedding outside Philadelphia and how could we make this happen, please let me be available with it only a couple months away. As luck would have it, I was available!!! And before you knew it I was booking flights to Pennsylvania!They had their wedding at the Brandywine Manor House and that place is AMAZING!!!! Was so beautiful! Fall even came late so the colors were flippin’ stunning! They met each other in a little grove to share their vows with each other before the ceremony. Kaitlin said no to shoes and ran the property barefoot. The most gorgeous ceremony down by the pond and partied the night away in the barn while a rando hot air balloon did an emergency landing out back hahaha.

It was amazing. I feel SO privileged and honored to have been invited and brought across the country for their wedding. Their friends are amazing and gave me a seat at the table. I’ve since photographed some of them in Jackson Hole and photographing their wedding in Colorado this next year. Feeling so blessed by them! All from a search on insta as they came to check out Glacier, my playground. So grateful!!!

Love you for life K+S! Xx, J.