July 26, 2017

Melissa and Ian | Manteo Resort Kelowna BC Wedding Photographer

Melissa and Ian | Manteo Resort Kelowna BC Wedding Photographer

It amazes me every time a bride from another country even reaches out to me to photograph their wedding. ME?! For reals you want me?!?! Melissa and Ian asked me to go Kelowna British Columbia to photograph their wedding on the lake at Manteo Resort and obviously I said heck yes. Worked out so awesome too as one of my best friends, Meg, was back in Canada just north of this wedding and came down to shoot with me. Our shenanigans had Melissa and Ian and us laughing all night.

There has been some crazy things going on in this area, just a couple weeks before the lake was flooded but it came down and the docks were open. But recently BC has been hit really hard with wildfires and just 2 days before the wedding it was so smokey and two days after the wedding was smokey again but the day of the wedding it cleared up with beautiful weather for these two. It was so so so hot but so beautiful!

The girls were so calm and relaxed just hanging out all afternoon. One of the calmest wedding days ever! The boys… well they were boys 😉 Melissa gave Ian the most perfect wedding gifts. Not a dry eye in the room. I followed one of her bridesmaids up to give it to him and with a sweet letter she gave him a handkerchief embroidered with the words “With my love, Dad” done his father’s handwriting from his last letter from his dad before he passed away. He folded it into a pocket square and put it in his jacket to keep it close to his heart. I had to check my mascara after cause the moment was so touching we all cried. So perfect.

I have been so busy getting caught up on editing I hadn’t even looked at their images for a while but as I edited for the blog I fell in love with them.  They’re so beautiful and dreamy even though we had the brightest hot day ever. These two rocked it. Can’t wait to photograph them again in just a couple months!! Ah!!!





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