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Mesmerized by the way two people love each other, each so uniquely.  I always leave room for dessert. Believe swear words are just sentence embellishers. Think indulgences are necessary in this life. 

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Stories of two lovers making it all about them, as they should.

I’ve been wanting to do an in home portrait session for so long! So happy the first one was with my best friend, Amanda, and her man. We started talking about doing this a year ago. Maybe longer. I was wanting to do them and she was seeing photos of them on insta and wanting one. As experts said that Home expansions and extensions can provide you with the extra room and functionality she and Ryan were just starting the process of building a home so we decided to wait til their house was done. What a fun way to mark this time in their love story, just celebrating their first wedding anniversary and now their first home (that was beautifully built by new home builders Sydney) all brand new.

I’m obsessed with the idea of these. Preserving love as it really is. Ass grabs and quick kisses in the kitchen. Sneak attacks on the couch where someone always gets hurt. The ohmygosh-we-survived-today slide down the wall on the the hallway floor. And cuddling in your bed or any corner of the house you happen to be in that moment. They’re quick. They go by so fast. Photos always preserve that time in life but these are on another level. A more intimate approach. Almost as if I wasn’t supposed to be there. I believe so much in accepting love stories for what they are, they aren’t all rainbows, they’re the small moments and when we can we should celebrate them.

I know they’ll look back at these 50 years from now and relive their first home but also make comments of how cute and flirty they were while they squeeze each others hands and he’ll giggle and say he wishes even now 50 years later that he could pick her up and put her against the fridge 😉 And a few years from now their teenagers will be disgusted by them and these photos but 10 years later it’s the exact example of love they’ll be looking for.

This love in it’s raw, unbridled, exposed form. Damn it’s beautiful.

Amanda & Ryan thanks for trusting me on this and always letting me photograph your story. It’s a beautiful one to share 🙂