Andrea and David | Glacier

August 21, 2017


I first met Andrea when she asked me to photograph a boudoir session for her. It was early on in my career and she had booked a wedding photographer way before but asked if I’d do the boudoir session. She was just the sweetest. That was FIVE years ago!!!! A couple weeks ago I met up with her and David in Glacier National Park for an anniversary session and asked how long they had been married. HOW HAS IT ALREADY BEEN FIVE YEARS!?!?!? Most days I feel like I just started photography. One, cause time flies when you’re having fun but two, I feel like I have so much more to accomplish with it. I must still be new to it lol.

I planned this shoot for this cool spot that’s been closed up the last couple years and I wanted it right at sunset. I drove into the park and there is a small fire but the wind had been blowing for days so the smoke didn’t settle. Well that night it started to settle. And then there were clouds. I started to get a little nervous. But like always somehow, someway, things magically work out. The sun peeked out at times. The smoke left dreamy backdrops and the light was so perfect that the colors just popped! And Andrea in her red dress which was a bridesmaids dress she ended up loving. Total win! There was wind on the cliff and stillness on the trails. And we laughed and laughed. They claimed to be so awkward but to me these two just look happy!!! Happy five years you two!!!!


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