Alexis and Joshua | Many Glacier MT

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Alexis and Joshua came all the way from New York to do engagement photos way up in the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park. Well ok actually Joshua’s family has a house nearby in Whitefish and they’re getting married up there next summer so they wanted to have engagement photos in the park this summer and it was so much fun!

These two are sooooo good looking! Ohmygosh! And they brought the best outfits. I love the juxtaposition of formal wear in nature. It’s so pretty! And they didn’t mind a thing climbing up hills and out on cliffs, down trails. It’s such a cool area up there.

Traffic in Glacier this year is INSANE!!! Everyone from everywhere is visiting. And because of that we started a little late since traffic isn’t usually something I have to tell couples we should factor in lol! But this day it was something and the park is the ultimate disconnect as you have no cell service and no wifi. You’re out there. So we actually started a bit later than planned and honestly on the inside at first I was a bit nervous as we had planned everything specifically for a certain type of light and look. That’s what happens when you plan too much 😉 Or what happens to me, I’m all about plan little and go with the flow and it’ll work out right?! We didn’t even take one photo before the sun had set!!!! This entire shoot was done after sunset. I can’t believe we were able to shoot as long as we did and I’m in love with the photos!!!!

Can’t wait for their wedding next year, it’s gonna be GORGEOUS!