Honeymoon Session in Beautiful Belize

Belize Honeymoon Photo Session
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Instagram can make the world feel so small from seeing far off lands you didn’t know existed right in your feed to meeting new people from everywhere! Mallory had a friend get married and go to Maui for their honeymoon and while said friend was on their honeymoon they had photos taken of them and Mallory was obsessed! She knew this was something she needed to have on their honeymoon to Belize. In comes instagram on late nights strolling through feeds and searching she somehow landed on my profile and reached out right away.

There is no hesitation in booking anything to Belize. I LOVE Belize and was in. Also during all of this I realized honeymoon sessions are BRILLIANT and how can I encourage more of this?!?!?! Seriously you’re off in the most carefree space and energy. You just got married. You’ve literally never been more in love. It’s like the perfect storm for incredible photos. You have to have these, they’ll be your favorite photos I promise!

We all headed to the island of Ambergris Caye in Belize. I had already stayed at the place Mallory + Jacob were going to and I didn’t want them to feel full paparazzi or someone in their space just cause it’s easy to constantly be running into each other at a place like that. So my assistant and I stayed elsewhere and we all messaged back and forth planning out cool ideas. The first night they came down to our villa and pier to get away and different view with beach, pier and the lagoon right behind us. The concierge at my villa managed to get some local fisherman to take us out on their boat the next night and we went out to the reef, over to Caye Caulker to experience another island and the laid back bright vibes there and then sunset out on the boat on our way back. It was so fun and so much more than photos. Such an incredible time in their story and new experiences never to be forgotten!!!

Xx, J