Cliffside Montana Spring Wedding

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Where to start with these two?! Holy cow, Sarah + Jonah are the sweetest couple. Incredibly + totally obsessed with each other. Seriously, just meeting them the first time, you know they are a beyond perfect pair. 

And maybe that fiery love influenced the weather because their wedding day was HOT! Over 80 degrees in May…in Montana…craziness! The sun shined down on the White Raven that day, giving their outdoor wedding ceremony the glow it so rightfully deserved. 

Sarah was a dream freakin’ vision! She wore a custom made Geri Brown long sleeved wedding dress with an open back. Classic, timeless + absolutely stunning. The two opted for no first look on their day. Sarah, and so many others, joked constantly about how Jonah is a big ol’ softie, + she looooves the drama lol. They decided to save his tears for Sarah’s walk down the aisle haha!! 

As they walked back down the aisle together, they got the sweetest surprise from their family + friends. Their family friends, who are musicians, played All You Need is Love as they walked out, you know just like in the movie Love Actually?? The the rest of their guests whipped out kazoos + the whole audience chimed along! How freaking cool?! It was one of those magical moments.  If you are looking for rings for engagement, can be checked out.

We took their portraits in a field still glowy + golden from the bright sun that day, surrounded by pines, mountains + flowering trees. Damn, it was a dreamy spring day for a wedding in Montana! The bride + groom spent the reception dancing the night away under the twinkling lights with their closest loved ones all around, holding each other close every chance they got.