Meg + Pete | Tahiti Vacation Couples Session

Tahiti Honeymoon Portrait Session at Over the Water Bungalow
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We had this idea that Tahiti would be cool. Haha! The thought sat with us for bout a minute before we all said ok let’s go. 10 friends off to Tahiti. Truth be told, Tahiti was never on must-travel-to list so I’m actually pretty stoked my friends all wanted to do this. I’d have massive FOMO if I didn’t go so I had to go and it ended up being one of the most magical places on earth. 

It was the adventure of a lifetime. Daily swimming along the reef in the bay in front of our house. Yoga on the lawn. Drives in the rain. New local friends. A day long boat ride with our neighbor showing us all the good spots + dance parties, surfing, swimming with sharks, feeding sting rays, and swimming with dolphins IN THE WILD! I cried in my mask as they played and swam with me AHHHH!!

The whole idea was fun with friends, finding inspiration and creating content. The Sandbar Retreat was born there. And there were A LOT of photos taken. I photographed Meg + Pete everywhere lol. On the beach in front of our house. A random pineapple field we found in the rain. And for one night Meg + Pete rented a bungalow over the water for a little getaway. Micah and I got up at sunrise and drove down there to photograph them. I feel like we were the only ones there. Little Charlie, just a few months old made the trip to Tahiti, so we did a few family photos and as she napped we ordered breakfast to the bungalow, downed a bottle of tequila and took some sick photos. This place is just a little slice of heaven on earth. A true paradise!

I’m dying to go back!! Want elope in Tahiti?!??! Or honeymoon sesh anyone????

Xx, J