Sarah + Pete | Missoula MT Engagement

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I think about this night all the time. It still doesn’t seem real. I just wish I could bottle up the light that night and take it with me everywhere. That evening with Sarah + Pete in Missoula, MT for their engagement photos had the BEST and most dreamiest light ever!!! It just glowed through the trees lighting up the little field as we ran through. And, then you add in these two drop dead gorgeous humans and it was absolute magic! Just look at them!!! STUNNERS!!!

We chased the sun a little bit as we walked a ways down some forest trails out to this little clearing where the sun kissed the top of the trees and showered down over each of them as we did photos. You’d never imagine how absolutely ridiculous we were being during this whole session cause, just look at them together! How is it even legal to be that good looking??!?! We laughed and laughed as they ran together, hand in hand, forwards and then backwards, jumping on each other, swinging around and around, and then doing the same stupid things over and over. It was a freakin’ blast. And they insisted they’re awkward in front of the camera …. *eye roll*

As the sun set and that cool flat light fell they snuggled into one another, arms and legs wrapped around each other. Planting soft kisses down each other’s faces and necks. Holding each other tight. And then just fully melting into the other.

This is one of the best engagement sessions ever. It doesn’t get better than beautiful humans, bodies together, loving with every inch of themeselves and the dreamiest light that ever existed. Best. Night. Ever. !!!

It’s just too bad I can’t put this glowing sunset light in my pocket to take with me everywhere. I’d be a magician and so rich hahahaha. Congratulations to these hot ass babes!!!

Xx, J