Stephanie and Kyle | Glacier National Park

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Stephanie started following me on instagram, randomly, one day. I noticed her notification saying she’d followed and I looked at her feed thinking daaaayuuummm this Florida girl is pretty! I always wonder how people even find me on instagram. How did they get to my profile and what about it made them click follow. And she was no exception. I was actually quite intrigued with her. I thought maybe she’s engaged and looking for a photographer! Usually in those scenarios brides message or email quickly after following to inquire. But I didn’t hear from Stephanie.

It must have been a month or so later I had a new message on insta and it was from Stephanie. I got a little excited hoping this would be the message asking me to photograph her. And sure enough it was!! Her and her boyfriend had been planning a trip to Glacier National Park the next week and was there any chance I could meet up with them for a shoot! It actually lined up perfect and I was so pumped to meet this girl and photograph her and her man.

You guys, they’re a dream. No direction from me needed. They’re lovers and laughers. The way she steps into his arms, and how he can light up the biggest smile ever on her face was so beautiful! They had me either totally swooning over them or laughing so hard with them I could hardly keep my camera to my face.

We wandered trails, crawled the rocks around a waterfall, were eaten alive by mosquitos in a field, took in the sight of the sun setting on the mountains (fire burning in the background!) and they played in the water. That’s the best combo ever for a summer couples session!! Loving these images!!!!