Kaitlin and Steve | Glacier MT Sunset

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This session and experience with Kaitlin + Steve is one I’ll just never forget. I had planned this mini vacation away with my daughter, a last hoorah before she started school. As I planned everything I decided last minute to leave a day later than I had planned. I didn’t know why just had a feeling and booked an airbnb a day later and figured whatever I’d stay home and pack. The next day Kaitlin messaged me on insta and said her and Steve were coming to Montana and was I available any of her days there. The only day that worked was the day they were flying in. That day I had decided not to go on vacation. As she explained her vision I started to feel like this was meant to be. This was the reason I suddenly felt that I should hang back from vacay for a day. This was it.

We planned this idea to hike out a little over a mile in Glacier for this certain mountain view. I spent days trying to figure out the sun just right. When and where it would set if we were surrounded my mountains. I felt this was gonna be so good and with that felt pressured to nail the lighting. It totally worked out. We planned it perfectly with when to meet, how long it’d take to get to trailhead, hike, out and get the light we wanted the whole time. I’m still so stoked that we got it perfectly. And a goat briefly joined us in the beginning haha!

And these two. WOW. They’re love is just beautiful. Every embrace, every laugh, every move you could just feel it.

I lost it. It felt like a panic attack of joy not fear. I couldn’t contain my happiness and just felt so overwhelmed with them and how perfect they are. I’m so excited to share these images with you guys. I’m beyond obsessed! This session will always be a highlight for me!