Brittany and Bryan | Glacier Park

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These babes have a deep love for the mountains and wildlife so without question once they were engaged and planning a wedding it’d be in Montana. The day before their wedding Brittany text me that she was officially standing in the spot they were going to have their ceremony on the edge of Lake McDonald and it was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen and could not wait for the next day.

The next day I met up with them in that spot. Bryan was already down by the lake with their family waiting for some direction on where to be and Brittany waited in the trees. I asked her if she wanted me to set them up on this grassy area in the sun above the shore or down on the rocks at the lake. She said where ever you think the views are best. I had to inform her there were no views that day ahhhhh. Wildfire season had settled in and the smoke from out of state fires had settled into the valley and the mountains were no where to be seen. But assured her I thought we’d see them later as we had planned to drive up higher. Still a beautiful ceremony by the lake. Cause the the views are only bonuses they aren’t what a wedding day is about. They said personal vows to each other as their parents watched and their son through rocks into the lake non stop haha. It was perfect.

We later headed up the pass and sure enough the socked in smoke turned to just a haze as we hiked back a trail to the most amazing overlook. Bighorn sheep running down the mountain. Mountain goats cruising through our photos. Bryan lost his mind. He was on such a high the whole time just being in the mountains but having all the wildlife RIGHT there. On the way down a little black bear walked out in front of my car and Brittany saw her first bear ever. Who cares about the photos there was so much happening haha. Just kidding! The photos are amazing they put in the extra work for killer views and a chance at seeing all these wild animals and the effort is always worth it. It’s pretty from the road but this is so much better.

We had a blast together. I’m so happy they got married the day they did, the next day lightning started a fire just down the lake from their ceremony location and has pretty much shut down that entire side of Glacier National Park since! Timing is everything 😉