Vanessa and Matt | Many Glacier

September 20, 2018


Vanessa and Matt left Connecticut to visit Glacier National Park and she just wanted engagement photos somewhere in the mountains. Just surround them with mountains. Not a problem in Glacier! I adore these two. She told me so many times that they are so awkward in photos, just totally uncomfortable. I giggle to myself when couples say that. Cause often the couples who think they are so awkward photograph the best. They’re so uncomfortable they just find comfort wrapped in the arms of the one they love or they laugh through the whole thing which really is actually perfect for a photo session haha.

The night before their session my cousin suddenly and tragically passed away. At first I had 2 shoots for this day and figured I could do it. But after only 3 hours of sleep and continuous tears I reached out to my morning couple who were somewhat local and they immediately responded with ‘don’t come we’ll figure this out later.’ But I knew I’d have to pull it together for Vanessa and Matt. They came all the way from Connecticut for this session and they needed it. I reached out to her to just let her know what was going on and my current exhaustion and emotional state. I’m normally a pretty wild one at sessions. So loud, lots of ridiculousness and laughing. But that day was difficult and I knew I had to prepare them for my current state of mind. They were the sweetest, so grateful and so understanding. I showed up totally beat in gym shorts, a tank, no makeup and a puffy crying face. They gave hugs and that whole we’re awkward thing went right out the window as they took the reigns of the shoot with little direction from me and the images are just stunning.

So incredibly grateful for my clients and their sweet generosity and understanding. These two were so in love, all over each other and even had me laughing at times and I’m stoked on the images from it. Not only are they beautiful it’s really them, just them doing their thing. Stunning.

Congratulations to these lovers. So blessed to have this life and these souls to photograph! All my love!!!


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