Edgy Sentimental Glacier Elopement

edgy sentimental adventure elopement by a waterfall in the mountains
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It didn’t take me long to fall in love with this quirky adventure elopement in Glacier National Park! 

It’s common to only chat with my couples over email or text or see each other on insta so it’s always so fun meeting the couples behind the emails + text in real life. Of course I pick up little bits of their personalities through our online chats + the good ol’ social media. I knew Brittany + Cory were from Virginia, but both were dying to get to experience the beauty of Montana. She’s a photographer + he loves to fly fish, they have a blue heeler and a couple of kitty cats at home. I knew that they were very big into exploring the outdoors and that photographs from their elopement were the most important things to them. I knew they’d be a rad pair I just didn’t realize how much so. 

Jamming to Grateful Dead, stopping for a ceremony at Avalanche Creek, a spot with big sweeping mountain views. Their vows were so sweet, so thoughtful and of course, brought plenty of tears!! Cory had a sick green suit jacket with a Dead Drift fly fishing trucker hat, paired perfectly with a pair of black + white vans. He was so chill, so cool. Trucker hat + a suit jacket like come ooooonnn. Brittany wore a long sleeved lace wedding dress, her long brown hair curled with a bright red lip shade. She was stunning!! And as the day went on I watched her kick off her heels, swapping them for vans and eventually just going barefoot. My kinda lady. At one point she lifted her dress to show off her tattoos. They brought along their dog (that recently went under training to H.K. Dog Training program), Chance! He meant so much to Brittany + Cory and you know I’m a crazy dog lady so I was crushing hard on this shoot!! It was everything I love about photographing elopements. Staying true to themselves as a couple, soaking up all of the magic of Glacier and spending their day exactly how they wanted to!! 

We headed over to the waterfall after the ceremony for some more portraits! They cracked open some Highlander Strawberry Wheat brews and just hung out together snapping polaroids. Then we headed over to Lake McDonald and it was like they were in their own little world. So overwhelmed with the happiness + love + intimacy of their day. I caught Brittany letting some happy tears flow as they simply enjoyed being together taking in the moment. It was so beautiful + raw + powerful. 

I honestly can’t get over how much I freaking loved this session. It was so laid back and Brittany + Cory had the best vibes. The juxtaposition of their laid back, casual attire with the big, bold magical views of Glacier was pure awesomeness. So so so grateful to call this life!!

Xx, J