A Rocky Mountain Wedding

Bride and Groom in wildflower field of Glacier National Park
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A Rocky Mountain wedding just made sense for Hannah + Dow. They’d been traveling around the country, visiting every national park they could. National Park junkies in fact. When they first emailed me about a wedding in the mountains of Montana, they had just come from spending time in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. And, they even got engaged in Acadia National Park! They only had one vision in mind for their wedding day in the Rockies – they wanted an adventure. 

And an adventure is what they got! An incredible day was spent at the Great Northern Resort, surrounded by friends and family, the we spent the next day doing a day-after session in Glacier National Park, just the two of them. The day was perfectly planned by Katie at An Epic Elopement. Their ceremony was in a little clearing with mountainous views as the sun flickered through the trees. The reception tent was simple + natural, with tables decorated in wood + brass. So freakin’ gorgeous!!! 

The whole day was such a reflection of who Hannah + Dow are as a couple. Cool, easy, and laid back! Like any wedding day, there were plenty of hiccups. Heavy traffic caused the bride and groomsmen and many guests to all be over 30 minutes late. Not one person complained or seemed worried. Truly a go-with-the-flow wedding which I LOVE! 

Their day after-session in the park was just as relaxed. Hannah + Dow wanted a grizzly sighting and we stumbled right upon one! As if that wasn’t enough excitement, we pulled of the road for wedding portraits and the field was in full bloom so late in the year. Wildflowers everywhere, I honestly thought they might not come this summer lol! That’s the beauty of a Rocky Mountain wedding in the summertime. Long days of sun light up alpine meadows full of flowers with panoramic views of peaks and valleys.

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