Eloping in Montana’s Glacier National Park

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You can’t go wrong when you’re eloping in Glacier National Park, but choosing an exact elopement location can feel like throwing a dart at the map! Dakota + Zach had only been to Glacier National Park once, and knew it was their spot, so we chatted through their options and landed in the land of lakes with mountain views and look out points for days – East Glacier.

If you would have told Dakota + Zach that they’d be eloping in Montana in East Glacier last year, they would have laughed right in your face. Actually, someone *did* tell them they’d be getting married in the park this year and they did… well laugh in their face. Their families are long time pals back in Georgia and planning a group trip to Montana, which quickly turned into a let’s find love reality show. But guess what? IT WORKED. And these babes ended up right back where that first crush started less than a year later, with me photographing their vows and a pretty epic adventure for their Glacier National Park elopement. 

From their very first inquiry, I knew I was in for a treat. If you’ve read anything about me, you know I’m a sailor-mouthed elopement photographer who’s obsessed with my frenchie pup, and wants my couples to show their love in whatever way comes naturally to them! But the more ass grabs, the better in my opinion. Dakota + Zach immediately sent photos of their Boston Terriers and were quick to admit they’re handsy and lovey and all of the things, no matter where they are. (A match made in heaven?!?!) It took maybe two minutes for us to feel comfortable enough to be our true selves and the rest was history. They were making out, smacking booties, touching bodies, and loving on each other at their (very public) ceremony spot and every stop along the way. 

Armed and ready with my camera (and my dog, Bill), their elopement in East Glacier started at Sun Point, a designated ceremony site with crazy good views overlooking St. Mary Lake! After a quick ceremony with personal vows we scurried off from the crowds to find some more fun! Next stop was Wild Goose Island, with the sun dancing around fast-moving  clouds creating all kinds of lighting scenarios and variety (a wedding photographer’s dream tbh), we captured some sweet magic in their photos! 

Dakota pulled out a Pendleton blanket and shared a sentimental story about her family. Her grandfather was native and she always associated these wool tribal blankets with her grandparents’ house. Right before her grandmother died, she called up the family and said she was going to donate all of the blankets unless someone wanted them. Dakota and her brother snatched them up, of course! Flash forward to her wedding day and she’s wrapped up in a Pendleton blanket on native lands, a love-filled nod to her grandparents who were definitely there in spirit! *CRYING*

We ended their day with a wildly good view overlooking the Two Medicine Valley! For a summer elopement, the lake is full and this point gives the most picturesque views of the mountains against the water. It’s definitely up there in my favorite spots! As the air cooled and we prepped for our long car rides home, At Zach’s request swapped their wedding attire for some matching loungewear and AirForce 1’s, each pair inspired by their favorite rivaling college football teams back home in the south. A cute cap on a freakin’ gorgeous day in Glacier National Park! 

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