Sunrise Elopement in Glacier National Park

Bride and groom dancing by the lake in the mountains of Glacier National Park at sunrisee
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Eloping in the mountains can look however you want it to look. For some, it’s throwing your wedding attire in your backpack and hiking to a beautiful spot. For others, it’s an adventure somewhere you’ve always dreamt of going. It can be boho-chic, western vibes, or feminine with lots of florals. You can elope with just your partner or you can bring the whole fam. The point…. it can be ANYTHING you want it to be. Cassie + Charles embraced that mentality so beautifully. 

They showed up in the most stunning wedding attire before the sun had even come up. Charles looked dapper, sporting a full suit and tie. Meanwhile, I was drooling over Cassie’s big full gown and lengthy veil. The juxtaposition of formal wedding attire against the rugged mountain range just works so perfectly I think! So often couples think they need to wear something less formal for an elopement. But some of my favorite images have showcased the contrast between formal, over-the-top wedding gowns and the natural landscape of a mountainside or forest. You can check out these options to know about the other choices that were given to them. Cassie + Charles are great examples of how it just works

They simply wanted to get married somewhere beautiful. A sunrise elopement in Glacier National Park, just the two of them, felt right. And DAMN, I’m sure glad they chose the mountains of Montana. They opted to get up before the sun and it was 100% worth that early alarm and gas station coffee! The sun rose and kissed the top of the mountain like it knew it was being photographed right as they exchanged private promises. Their ceremony was intimate + sweet. They exchanged their vows perched on a rock in a meadow at Big Ben, just off of the Going to the Sun Road. After the rings were exchanged and a brief pause for first kisses as mr and mrs, we cruised over to Wild Goose Island for more portraits. 

A little bit of wind came along to give us some of the best photos of the day along St. Mary Lake. Cassie’s veil had a life of its own and stole the show in some of my favorite photos. Moral of the story? Wear the big gown + veil if you want it.