Beartooth Mountains MT Winter Elopement

Emily + Jax | Beartooth Mountains Elopement

March 1, 2020


You can do anything you want with your wedding. It’s YOUR wedding. But with elopements you can really do whatever the hell you want haha. You can take all the time in the world sharing your vows, or have the simplest short and sweet ceremony ever. You can adventure or take it chill. Hiking, boating, chillin’ at the beach or in your own house or backyard, a random park. Can stop by your fave bar and get a burger or pizza or camp the night away. Whatever you want! You aren’t hosting anyone, no one’s waiting on you. You are literally free to do ANYTHING. One of the things my couples eloping have started doing is having a little picnic and it’s amazing!

Emily + Jax took their officiant and I to this spot in the Beartooth Mountains of Southwestern Montana, we parked along the road and they said ok up the hill! So we hiked up this hill right on the side of the road with their sweet pup and once we got to the top it was the most beautiful views!!! They just happened upon this spot once and this became it!

They chose to read each others vows! It was something I’d never seen before and so sweet and emotional for them to each read aloud the words the other had written for them. Their dog roamed around and sat beside them at times. They promised forever and opened the cooler for some whiskey to cheers to that!!

We wandered down to a field of sagebrush as the sun tried to shine through the storm clouds but the snow dusted mountains were just visible. They danced in the field and then sat together taking it all in with a homemade meat + cheese board put together on the tailgate of the truck and a couple Modelo’s. And the pup sneaked some snacks too.

It was absolute perfection + so true to them. There isn’t anything more a couple really wants. 

Cheers babes!

Xx, J

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