A Picnic Lakeside Wedding in Glacier National Park

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Who needs an actual lakeside wedding venue when you can just run around the Many Glacier Valley in Glacier National Park?! Haley + Jake’s elopement was a true outdoor adventure spent driving through the park, picnicking with views, splashing around in the shallows, and walking through the trees. 

Rather than a traditional wedding with all of the bells and whistles as people say, these two babes opted for something that felt more true to who they are. It started at a little Airbnb in the forest just a bit outside of West Glacier (you can check out all of the specifics or book it yourself right here). They had a first look while hanging out at the cabin, Haley looking stunning in her simple white gown + veil, Jake added a nice touch with his monogrammed tie with a topographic map the location of their ceremony design. These two were so laid-back and down to explore in whatever direction they day brought – the absolute correct attitude for an elopement day in the park! 

We started their adventure by driving through Glacier together, them taking in the sights and stopping for any view that caught their eye. Eventually we landed in Many Glacier, where they said their vows on a little hill by the lake with the classic Many Glacier landscape in view. Everywhere was so green and the sun was shining bright and it was such a pretty spot for a special lakeside wedding ceremony. 

In the spirit of having a slow day, just spent loving each other, they planned a picnic for themselves and brought it along for some post-wedding snacking! They sat right down by the lake with their cheeses and Triscuits and bubbly looking out on one of the most epic landscapes in the park. Then they danced on a rocky hillside. It was simple and stunning. A moment of pure freakin’ joy as they both beamed with happiness. 

The adrenaline of the day running fresh through her veins, Haley said she had to get in + dipped her feet into the cold waters of the lake. She yelled, in a joking tone, “what if I kept going?!” and then she did! Jake kicked off of his shoes and followed her in. They held each other as the sun set and it was just cherry on top for their perfectly chill lakeside wedding day in the park! 

It’s always an honor when my couples allow me to just hang out with them. When they aren’t focused on the photos or the fact that a stranger they have never met in person before is witnessing their incredibly intimate moments. That’s when the wedding photography magic really happens! Haley + Jake, you both were an absolutely precious couple to hang with! I can’t get over how much fun you all had that day in the park! Xx