Franklin Falls Vow Renewal at Snoqualmie WA

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Washington brings a special kind of energy and this Snoqualmie River Vow Renewal at Franklin Falls is absolutely no different. This spot wraps up everything I love about the Pacific Northwest into one sweet experience. After looking through this gallery of D+N, you’ll be planning a trip there yourself I freakin’ know it!! 

Dayana + Nick reached out to me back in February of last year about a couples photoshoot and to share vows somewhere near Seattle, maybe Snoqualmie Falls. They are originally from Salt Lake City, but moved to Spokane for work, and were taking a childfree trip to Seattle to celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary!! 10 whole years, whewwww! Every 5 years they write each other new vows for the next 5 years, like how amazing is that? So inspiring!

I was just wrapping up my own little getaway on Anderson Island in Washington. Anytime you get the chance to photograph couples in Washington or Oregon, you just simply can’t say no. And I’d already be in the area?? It was fate!!! 

I had photographed another couple at Snoqualmie Falls years ago, but knew that the rules and regulations around actually getting down to the falls had tightened since the last time I visited. They have blocked the pathways to get to the bottom of the falls due to it being a dammed waterfall (a bit dangerous). The inspirational photos they had seen were no longer possible, but that didn’t stop us from finding another spot for some dreamy waterfall photos!! 

So instead we headed to the Franklin Falls trailhead, a well-known and super accessible hike near Snoqualmie Pass just outside of Seattle. This easy 2-mile round trip hike weaves you through the stunning PNW forests and along deep pools, leading you to the main attraction.

We walked about by the creek, the sun was glittering through the trees, taking photos along the way and then Dayana + Nick shared personal vows in the most beautiful spot along the creek. The vow renewal was simple, but so true to themselves, and so damn sweet. 

What you might not be able to tell from these photos is that it was swarming with hikers. So so busy – a true Instagram versus reality moment. We went in late August and it was most definitely still high season. 

When I tell you I freakin’ love vow renewals, I mean it. Seriously – I am obsessed with them. Dayana + Nick’s day was laid-back, yet still full of meaning, just spending time together in a beautiful place. They aren’t the only ones who had the right idea though! Check out Eva + Paul’s Highland Springs Vow Renewal for more inspo!!! 

And if your anniversary is coming up and you’ve been thinking about planning a getaway with your lover, what are you waiting for?! Whether you’re planning to reshare vows or not, there’s nothing like a photoshoot to preserve your love for one another even after all of this time! I’m ready when you are – you can tell me all about it right here.