Meredith + Austen | Bowman Lake

January 18, 2020


Glacier is huge, it really is. And there is sooooo much you can’t see by driving there. There’s one area though that you can drive to but it doesn’t get as much traffic, Polebridge and the the North Fork area. It’s a little bit of a longer trek and dirt road part of the way that people kinda shy away from it. So when Meredith told me she wanted to head up there to Bowman Lake I was so intrigued!

Meredith + Austen are from the big island of Hawaii and were coming to Montana for little conference for Austen and then gonna road trip down to Wyoming. But they thought you know let’s elope in Glacier! She got online and just fell for Bowman Lake. We talked about all if it they’d never been to the park so she thought ok we’ll try to go into Glacier and look around when we can. They didn’t get a chance with the conference and she messaged say yea whatever lets go to Bowman. So we did! 

I adore these two. They didn’t want all the things and all the images in all the places or photos individually. They just wanted to have an incredible moment together in a new + glorious place and images to preserve that moment. It was like a breath of fresh air to photograph them just being.

They shared the most incredible vows and we wandered a few places as they took in the majestic views around them and held each other tight. Not making a production or real direction of anything. Just being in the moment for a couple hours. And in the end they were sooooooo appreciative of us just being there to preserve their moments together. So simple, beautiful and so powerful. I could do with more of that!

Xx, J.

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