David + Justin | White Raven MT Wedding

January 25, 2020


My first phone call with David + Justin I spent the whole time laughing getting to know them, their story, family dynamics, + all the shenanigans to get them + their friends from Cali to Montana for a weekend of fun. I was so stoked to finally hug them on their wedding day I ran down to a little cabin they were getting ready in and almost burst in as David showered in this open shower area lol. Justin saved the day hahaha. 

I’m obsessed with these two. Absolutely. They planned this beautiful wedding at White Raven outside of Missoula, MT. They brought at least a dozen ties each and we stood there for a good 5 minutes going through them all and deciding which one they’d each wear. Davids belt was too long so he cut it off in the sink as we laughed he just cut $20 off his designer belt LOL. 

They’re so funny and so sweet. Watching them getting ready together. Perfecting each other. Sharing little jokes. They wrote some of the most amazing vows I’ve ever heard. I even cried! The best drinks were shared. I created absolute shenanigans in the field at sunset as they told me how ridiculous I was making them be, haha but they’re so effing cute I can’t stand it.

They had they best night of music. So good that when I was done shooting I slammed my face with the best cherry pie I’ve ever had, and I typically don’t like cherry pie, and then danced the night away with them. All the best 90’s hits and a sparkler exit to Kygo + Whitney Houston. I stayed til just about every guest was gone chatting with them. They sent me off with mugs I actually use once a week and promises I’ll come to Cali to visit, and I’m freakin’ gonna!!!Justin + David, you’ve greatly touched my heart!!

Xx forever, J.

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