A National Park Elopement for Outdoor Lovers

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It’d be a lie if I told you that I wasn’t crushing hard on this national park elopement. Emme + Colton’s day was everything I love about elopements – carefree, simple, unique. It’s always so refreshing to walk into a wedding day without an ounce of stress in the air. Their energy was so calm, yet so excited for the adventure.

Obsessing over the mountains and the wildlife within them, Colton always dreamed of backpacking through Glacier National Park. So it’s no surprise that when it came time to marry the love of his life and fellow nature lover, Emme, they ditched a traditional wedding ceremony and planned an intimate elopement in Glacier instead. 

When Colton’s twin sister introduced him to her friend Emme, and to snatch her up while she was still single lol, no one could have predicted the life of love and adventure that would unfold. It took just weeks of dating each other for them to start planning a month-long road trip through the western US. Their admiration for each other grew as they explored the mountains of Montana and watched the bison of Yellowstone in awe. 

On the morning of their wedding day, there were no frills or set plans. No make-up artists or tables filled with the names of wedding guests. They arranged her own dried flowers in a bouquet and boutonniere in the cabin they booked 2 days before their ceremony. Emme didn’t even know which of the wedding dresses she’d wear, she had several, all purchased at the last minute. 

But there was morning coffee, sipped slowly by the creek. And there were hand-written vows spoken with incredible mountain views. They followed each other down trails to waterfalls and soaked in the beauty of the day. No set plan or places to hit + see just whatever felt right in the moment. Soaking up every minute together and Colten’s twin sister + her boyfriend along to celebrate them + officiate their ceremony. It was perfect.

It was so simple, so free-flowing, and stunningly true to them. 

Make sure to scroll through their national park elopement photo gallery below! It’s full of inspiration for Glacier elopement. And if you love E+C’s day, here’s a blog on exactly how to elope in Glacier National Park! There’s plenty of helpful tips and tricks to get your planning started! 

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