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When you’re searching for the perfect spot for your Montana engagement photos, you’ll likely find plenty on Glacier National Park or the surrounding area. Or now Yellowstone with the popularity of the tv show. But the truth is that Montana is full of magical little spots for an engagement photoshoot. Like thousands of spots lol. Kennedy + Christian’s photos prove that to you! 

K+C are planning a mountain elopement next year in Glacier (stay tuned for their elopement photos, coming summer 2023!!!) But they are obsessed with Montana and planned a visit early just for fun. So that meant that I had the very rare opportunity to photograph them before their elopement day! 

Most of my couples come from all over the country to elope in Glacier National Park. Oftentimes, I’m meeting them for the very first time on their wedding day! Which is all fine + great, but I truly think my couples are the coolest humans to walk the earth. So when I get the chance to meet them before their elopement day – I am STOKED! 

Kennedy + Christian’s engagement session was a blast. They opted for a little nature preserve near where I live in Missoula. It’s filled with dreamy fields and the glowiest golden light in the evenings. They had seen it in photos shared over on my Instagram and said, “we want THAT! Take us there!” I was giddy that they appreciated this underrated photoshoot location just as much as I do. 

They brought along their outfit options and we hung them in the trees, natures closet. They ran through the fields, chasing the sun, energy buzzing through the air as their chemistry is un-freaking-real. It didn’t even matter that there was a mosquito swarm from actual hell buzzing along with them. They acted like they weren’t bothered at all, just playing in the sunlight, soaking it all in. 

They scurried off for a quick adult beverage break and an outfit change in the woods and then they were right back at it. Soaked in the golden hour light, and riding the high from knowing soon they’ll marry their person. It was beautiful

Scroll through their photos and tell me that you aren’t inspired by these Montana engagement photos. Their gallery makes me want to scoop up every couple I can and show them the beauty in every corner of this stunning state. Missoula, Big Sky, Livingston, Kalispell, Bozeman, a field out in the middle of nowhere, a secret waterfall tucked into the woods, a meadow wedged between mountains – the options are endless. So where do you wanna go??? Send me an inquiry and share all of your big ideas. And if you’ve go no idea where to go??? No worries, I’ve gotcha covered! 

Xx, J