Romantic MT Horseback Adventure Elopement

Romantic Montana Horseback Elopement
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There is so much excitement when things are kinda planned in the spur of the moment or last minute. Just going with your gut and whatever happens, happens! That’s what comes to mind when I think of these two. They decided they were ready and to get married in a few weeks. No set plan or detailed vision. Just hop on some horses, as they’re both horse veterinarians, and ride out somewhere beautiful to share vows with one another. It mid-fall and you never know what Montana will offer weather wise. They weren’t worried in the slightest! We’ll just go til the view is right 🙂

Libby ordered a dress online real quick so she had something. But just before their wedding they were in a thrift shop and found an old vintage dress in there that she though might be perfect to wear for the ceremony. It was like $20, she’d get it cleaned up a little but didn’t care too much as it’d just be her riding dress. When she got it back from the cleaner she couldn’t believe how it looked and all of us were obsessed with it. They way it fit, the textures and details, the fabric and all the classic vintage touches. She changed into her original dress to walk down our makeshift aisle towards Caleb. But halfway into photos we agreed to switch back to the thrift shop dress. It was just too perfect! I’m still so obsessed!

The whole day was such a fun experience. To let go of timelines and plans and just embrace mother nature, wherever the wind took us, and just let moments be real moments. The view was stunning and so appreciate them including horses as they’re a huge part of their normal day to day life. Weddings often let go of what’s normal for the couple but even just the smallest normal things can make it so much more special!

Xx, J